A vast and diverse genus of plants belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family commonly known as Spurge plants. Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Madagascar. There are over 2,000 species. About 1,200 of those are succulents. Some of the more well known varieties include the crown of thorns and poinsettias. Euphorbias range in size from tiny plants to large, long lived trees. Some of the enduring qualities that draw collectors and gardeners to these enchanting plants include their bizarre architectural shapes and forms, and their fascinating foliage. Several species are notable for their peculiar flowers. They are super easy to grow, low maintenance, heat and drought tolerant, and down right easy to love. 

There is one caveat to growing these out of this world plants that gardeners should be aware of. Euphorbias have a milky latex-like sap that can be toxic if ingested and it can be irritating to the skin. Euphorbia should be handled with care. Wearing gloves and a good hand washing after plant care is advised.