Our Story

Red Island Plants was born from our desire to share our love of plants with you. We are three life-long friends who hope to spread the beauty not just of our plants themselves, but of their bountiful and beneficial effects. We have personally experienced the joy of caring for this distinct and verdant flora, and we wish to share the delight and satisfaction with our customers. Our hope is that through our plants, we can send positive reverberations into your life and home. Let our plants nurture you!

Who we are:

At the helm of our growing operation is Ray Lemieux. With over 25 years of professional nursery experience, Ray's focus has been working with succulents and bromeliads. He is an expert in the field of uncommon and peculiar plants. Ray has refined his expertise through travel to various countries including Venezuela, Mexico, and Singapore. During his travels, he became especially enamored with plant species from Madagascar, also known as the Red Island, and the country that inspired our name. Throughout the world, Ray has studied different species while adding rare finds to his personal collection. He is a current member and past president of the Sarasota Bromeliad Society as well as a member of the Central Florida Cactus and Succulent Society, and the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.

We are Annie and Wes Scheufler. We purchased our Sarasota, Florida farm in 2002. The five-acre farm was previously used for raising cattle. As a family we spent several years contemplating how to best care for and cultivate the land. Nearly 15 years ago and after decades of friendship, we began collaborating with Ray in the world of flora.

In the beginning, we grew sizeable organic veggie gardens with Ray as our "garden guru." It was during these formative years that we learned the basics of plant care and growing on a larger scale. It was also during this time that we marveled at Ray's fascination for plant oddities and began to share in his outright passion.

Our little farm has found a perfect fit in our succulent greenhouse operation. The three of us are united in our quest for procuring rare and unusual succulent species. We look forward to sharing the allure of these magical plants with you!