Aloe vaombe

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From southern Madagascar, also known as Malagasy Tree Aloe.

An easy to grow tree aloe that grows to about 10 feet tall.

The rosette of leaves at the top of the trunk can grow to 5-6 feet across. 

This aloe stays solitarily unbranched with thick, wide green leaves that have white spines along the edges but, they are not dangerous. 

The foliage turns a bright coppery-orange color when the temps drop and it is being grown in bright light to full sun. Dryness and the lack of fertilizer also helps bring out the foliage colors.

In areas with low humidity, the leaves will turn an intense reddish-orange color. 

The inflorescence is large, branched, and candelabra-like with reddish-orange flowers that attract bees and hummingbirds. The bees hind legs will get completely covered with the bright orange pollen. 

Here in Florida, the plant blooms around Christmas time hence, we call it Christmas Aloe.

Available in 4 inch pots.

Ships in pot.