Crassula capitella'Campfire'


South Africa.

Crassula capitella 'Campfire' is a low growing, branching succulent in the Crassulaceae Family. 

The plant has fleshy, compact, strap-like leaves that can turn from green to dramatic red/orange by adjusting the temperature as well as the amount of light it receives.

Lower temps will bring out the colors and bright light will intensify the red and orange hues. 

The leaves grow on a stalk in a pair opposite each other. The next set of leaves spins 180 degrees and comes off the stalk opposite the other forming a very symmetrical appearance. As the stalk rises, the leaves taper off and the plant begins to put out clusters of fragrant white flowers. 

The plant is monocarpic but produces plenty of offsets and side shoots to start the next one.

Available in 4 inch pots.

Ships in pot.