Dorstenia crispa

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Dorstenia are members of the Moraceae or Fig/Ficus Family native to North East Africa. 

This species produces a caudex and has oblong leaves that flush a burnt orange color in high light or when temperatures drop. Commonly called flying saucer plant due to its unusual disk-shaped flowers called hypanthodiums. Here at Red Island Plants, we have found that if pollinated, seeds form on the disks and are naturally ejected to other pots several feet away. As a result, several random pop ups (volunteers) of crispa emerge throughout the greenhouses. Note in the first photo the fresh new green fruit forming but also the one brown ripe seed ready to eject itself.

Although this species has been lumped into Dorstenia foetida, we continue to keep crispa separated. It is quite a delight in its own right. 

Available in 4 inch pot. 

Ships in pot.