Dorstenia gigas

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Endemic to the Island of Socotra, this pachycaul caudiciform plant is a member of the Moraceae (Fig/Ficus) family. Also known as the Socotran Fig Tree, gigas is the largest growing species of Dorstenia. The trunk is smooth, stout, and grayish green when young becoming tannish with age. The branches are topped with oblong, dark green, crinkly looking foliage resembling crocodile skin. The flowers are yellowish green, and star shaped. This is a very unusual plant and is highly sought after, exceedingly rare in cultivation due to its difficulty in producing seed-multiple genetically separate clones are needed for seed production. Here at Red Island Plants, we grow Dorstenia gigas in the ideal environment, outside in full Florida sun providing for maximum exposure to enhance compact growth and tight branching, health and bloomage. 

Available in 4  and 6 inch pots.  

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