Operculicarya decaryi

Size: 6 inch pot


Product #1234

Endemic to S-SW Madagascar and a member of the Anacardiacea (cashew) family. 

Also known as the Jabily Tree or Elephant Tree, the species was discovered by Raymond Decary. 

It is also dioecious therefore, needs a male and female to produce fruit. With its knobby, gray, fat trunk and thickened roots, it is very desired by collectors. 

The contorted, winding, and warty pachycaul trunk is usually a host to green algae.  In contrast to the bubbly trunk, the smooth brown stems amidst feathery green leaves sprout delicate maroon buds with tiny red flowers followed by pea sized green seeds turning purple when ripe.

A natural for bonsai. 

Makes a great landscape plant here in Florida.

Available in 2 inch pots.

Ships in pot.