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24 in. Smooth Push Broom

24 in. Smooth Push Broom

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This 24 in. smooth surface push broom enables you to sweep fine dirt and debris while being gentle on surfaces like smooth concrete and polished wood floors. This broom also features an innovative and heavy duty steel brace. The brace is reinforced through a dual rivet connection to the handle and is screwed onto the broom head for additional reinforcement. The unobtrusive shape of the brace enables you to sweep under or beside objects without facing obstruction that a traditional A-line brace creates. The wood handle is smooth and features an end grip for added comfort while sweeping.

24 in. broom head width with 3 in. flagged-tip poly bristles for sweeping fine dirt and debris on smooth surfaces
60 in. wood handle with 1-1/8 in. Dia and end grip
Heavy duty steel brace with 7-1/2 in. long socket reinforced and screwed onto broom head
Can be reversed to enable even wear of broom bristles
Clear-coated wood block for weather resistance

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