Jatropha podagrica

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Native to the tropical Americas including Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Its super easy to grow. Just give it some well drained soil, add sunlight and a little water-Shazam-you're in business.

It has a bottle shaped, thick caudex, hence its nicknames, Buddha Belly or Bottle Euphorbia. Large dark green leaves shoot out of its thick, knobby, gray trunk as well as long stems producing vivid coral- reddish- orange flower clusters with both male and female flowers in the same cluster. 

It produces seed pods that are fairly large green balls that explode so if you are into seed collection, wrap the pods with net bags.

It will lose its leaves in winter but will flower throughout the year. Grown in pots or as an ornamental, this plant is a real conversation starter and a wonderful butterfly attractor.

Available in 4 inch pots.

Ships in pot.