Pachypodium lamerei 'Ihosy'

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Native to central-south Madagascar, the plant receives its name from one small area at the top of a mountain in the town of Ihosy.

An unusual and much friendlier form, it differs in several aspects from the standard lamerei, such as, spination, leaves, and body.

It has shorter blunter spines spaced further apart as opposed to the longer cactus like spines that are more tightly packed. The leaves also differ in that they are more rounded at the end and are tapering, long, and skinny. Ihosy is a dwarf form, a pachycaul with a body that is more squat and more rounded than the typical lamerei which has a straight tree like trunk.

Whether potted or in the ground, it tends to branch out at the base. It has the customary white fragrant flowers of lamerei and blooms around 3 feet tall rather than 10 feet tall of straight lamerei. 

Available in 4 inch pots.

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