Pachypodium lamerei superbranched- Small




Product #1724

Native to Madagascar.

Commonly known as the Madagascar Palm and one of the most popular of all the Pachys.

This is one of the arborescent types of Pachypodium that, with time, will reach tree like proportions.

Generally, it needs to grow somewhat tall to bloom. Then it will begin to create a canopy that gets larger and branchier with each year of successive blooming. 

A thick brownish trunk is covered in silvery spines. The tapering leaves are long and green. The flowers are large, white, and fragrant. 

Very cactus like when dormant (leafless).

This form of lamerei is branching like crazy, not sure why.

Lamerei  occasionally produces one or two lower branches but this is different. Some are heavily congested with branches. 

4.5 inch pot size.

Ships in pot.