Pachypodium rosulatum-RESTOCK

Size: 4 inch pot

Product #1424

Native to Madagascar, Pachypodium rosulatum is immensely  popular, very rewarding, and super easy to grow.

A shrubby caudiciform with a swollen bottle shaped caudex, it produces bright yellow flowers and at a very small size. Blooms can be attained within the first year even on a plant as small as 2 inches.

Many of the current species of Pachys have started out as forms of rosulatum producing what is called the Rosulatum group or Rosulatum complex. For example, P. eburneum, P. makayense, P. bicolor, P. cactipes, even P. horombense have all started out as forms of P. rosulatum but were eventually moved to species status. 

While there are still several subspecies or forms of P. rosulatum such as, P. r. drakei, P. r. gracilius, and P. r. bemarahense all have slight differences in either the trunk shape, foliage, or flowers. 

 Available in 4 inch pots.

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