Sansevieria pinguicula

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Endemic to the arid regions of Kenya, this is quite an unusual Sansevieria.

Unlike other Sanseviera species, it does not produce underground rhizomes. It rather produces a stolon the terminates into an offset that drops aerial roots into the ground. This give the offset the appearance of having stilts which almost look like it is walking away from itself, hence the plant's nickname, the walking Sansevieria. 

Another interesting aspect is it overall appearance. Its species name is derived from the Latin, Pinguis=fat. Its leaves are fat and stiff. The leaves terminate in a sharp point. 

It looks more like an Agave than a Sansevieria. Some consider this species to be the link between Agave and Sanseviera. It has recently been lumped into Dracaena.

No doubt, a peculiar and bizarre plant.

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