Sincoraea aff. heleniceae EB2B

Size: 4 inch pot

From Brazil, Sincoraea is a genus of terrestrial bromeliad that was recently pulled out of the genus Orthophytum. All of the Sincoraea species have sessile inflorescence (blooms in the cup) as opposed to an upright bloom spike.

We are calling this one aff. heleniceae because it differs from the standard form fs. heleniceae as it has distinctly wider leaves and slightly different coloration whether in bloom or not in bloom. 

As of yet, this clone has not been scientifically researched and could end up being a new sp. or subsp. 

You can read more about Sincoraea in a wonderful article in the Journal of the Bromeliad Society vol. 66, 2016.

Available in 4 inch pots.

Ships in pot.