Sterculia africana

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From Africa, Sterculia africana is also known as Mopopaju Tree or African Star Chestnut. 

A deciduous tree with peeling bark and unusual unisexual flowers. The flowers are either male or female with both being found on the same tree during blooming season.

The flowers are star shaped and greenish yellow with red lines when the petals open. People may find the aroma of the flowers unpleasant but, the odor attracts useful pollinators. 

The leaves and fruit have fine hairs that can cause irritation.

Great as a bonsai specimen producing a fat trunk.

Although it resembles many of the Kapoks and Baobabs, it is not, thus it has been called the false baobab by many. It has recently been placed in the Malvaceae (Hibiscus) Family.

These are seedlings, not cuttings.

Available in 4 pots. 

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