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1,000-Watt Da Vinci Wind Turbine

1,000-Watt Da Vinci Wind Turbine

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Wind energy is the undisputed champion of green energy technology. It is by far the most efficient form of power generation. It is economical clean and now, with recent technological advances, far cheaper to produce. Ramsonds extensive knowledge base in the fields of aerodynamics, motor technology Ramsond is fully equipped to easily custom design any size and scope wind power project. From design, engineering to commissioning, Ramsond has at its disposable tools and technology to tackle any project regardless of the sizes and location. Ramsond is now the world leader in small turbines, ranging in sizes from 500-Watt to 5000-Watt.

Patented airfoil 5 blade design with true symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic design which ensures rotor capture maximum power from
True symmetrical and balanced aero foil blade ensure rotor matching with generator perfectly
Large ratio of tip section chord to root section chord and variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor start up easily and running smoothly with high torque and RPM at lower wind condition
Aerodynamic blade designed with over speed braking system to make sure the generator is well protected in higher wind
Reinforced nylon glass fiber using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability
Smart blade aerodynamic braking and electromagnetic speed limitation
Minimal vibration and low noise operation

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